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You only need one NestIQa application.

Don’t want to complete an application? There’s another way!

Your NestIQa tenant profile can also serve as your application.

It contains the comprehensive info that landlords generally want to see.

All your awesome tenant qualifications will be right there, so they’ll be happy to accept your application.

Get into your new apartment in no time.

How does it work?

It’s easy to get started at NestIQa! You just need to:

  • Create your tenant profile in the comfort of your home.

  • Get pre-approved by a set of landlords.

  • View these pre-approved apartments.

  • Apply for the apartments you like the best with a single NestIQa application.

Do you want to know the best part? You only pay a single application fee! 

Pre-approval VIP Status

Your NestIQa tenant profile will cover your personal information, tenant and work histories, as well as your background and credit checks.

But this is not a dull profile. You’ll get a chance to spice it up with some words about yourself!

Your NestIQa profile will give landlords the info they need to get to know you.

You’ll get a competitive edge once you’re pre-approved.

No more wasted viewings, only look at select apartments.

Do you have exceptional credentials? Then watch as landlords chase you to become their next tenant!

It’s a new experience: the Pre-approval VIP status!