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Are you looking for your next and best apartment?

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Welcome to NestIQa!

You can say goodbye to endless apartment viewings.

Say goodbye to filling out yet another application, paying all those fees and not getting an apartment. 

Do you have an apartment to rent?

Are you looking for tenants with excellent credentials?

Then you are in the right place.

Welcome to NestIQa!

We can offer you a pool of qualified tenants, who have great renting track records.

We do all the screening so you don't have to.

Relax, and let us do the heavy lifting!


$3,300/mo | 5 bd | 3 ba | Newark, NJ


$1,800/mo | 3 bd | 2 ba | Irvington, NJ


$2,000/mo | 4 bd | 2 ba | Newark, NJ


105 Floyd Avenue, Bloomfield NJ 07003

Tel. 973.991.9810

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